Never miss a training session again, just because you are out of town doesn’t mean you should slack off! Joanna has developed a way to use technology, to help you stay in shape while on location, it’s called Remote Training!

Remote Training, allows Joanna to train clients while away from the gym, on location or vacation.

With Remote Training all you need a web-cam and an internet connection, Joanna will provide the instruction and motivation in a live , 2 way web-cast!

It’s as easy as 1,2 3!

1. A Computer with a internet connection.

Any computer / laptop with a USB port and a internet connection will work.

2. A Web-Cam w/ microphone

We suggest the Microsoft Lifecam for PC, about $50 or the Logitech QuickCam for PC, about $90.

3. Skype

A free video chat program called Skype. If you don’t already have it, Click Here to go to the download page  if you have Windows, and Click Here if you use a Mac.